What is Everfresh?

Everfresh is an artwork by Rubén Grilo made in collaboration with Kremer Pigmente. It consists of a unique line of oil paint colors designed not to dry. Grounded with gearbox oil, it provides unlimited working time, ensuring the painting will forever stay fresh.

Everfresh comes in 8 different colors: White 46360, Studio Yellow 23850, Studio Red 23950, Ultramarine Blue 45000, Phtalo Green Dark 23000, Burnt Umber 40710, Gold Ochre 40214, Bone Black 47100. Buy them separately or in a set of 8 basic colors through our shop.

How to use it?

Pretty much like any other oil paint. Just keep in mind that petroleum spirits, certain oils and paint thinners may alter its features. To maintain the non-drying properties of the paint, make sure to extend or thin Everfresh with gearbox or motor oil over a well primed surface. That is very important for Everfresh to work as intended.

Authorship and credits

Everfresh promotes the idea of a disseminated authorship. That means you are free to credit Rubén Grilo as co-author of your artwork of place him in the list of artists of your show, yet the paint can be understood merely as a material. Rubén Grilo may also claim informal credit for a work in case of an artwork made with Everfresh by another artist. However, this will never compromise ownership and the exploitation of the final artwork, and it won’t be imposed to the user by any means. For further information, please read our terms & conditions.


Everfresh is an artwork and not a commercial product. Therefore, the user must determine the suitability of the paint for the intended use and accept all associated liability.

Everfresh oil paint does not contain any ingredients known to cause acute or chronic health hazards, but we recommend to protect yourself against unknown risks by keeping the product away from your body, avoiding ingestion, unnecessary skin contact, inhalation of spraying mists or sanding dust.

We also recommend that potential users test the paint first as it is impossible to guarantee that an individual will not have adverse reactions to specific ingredients. Everfresh oil paint contains low or minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), benefiting you and making it non-hazardous to the environment.

Keep away from heat, open flame and other sources of ignition. Store in a dry, cool, and well ventilated place. Keep out of reach of children.

The information contained herein is considered accurate; however, Kremer Pigments and Rubén Grilo make no warranty regarding its accuracy.


This project has been made possible by the generous advise and contributions of Melanie Bühler, Michiel Ceulers, DIS, Constant Dullaart, Uwe Hand, David Kremer, Philipp Kremer, Martí Manen, Tamen Perez, Alex Reynolds, Grace Weinrib, Fundació Joan Miró, Future Gallery and Nogueras Blanchard.